What your child’s teacher wishes you knew (but can’t say out loud)

Every parent obviously wants their child’s teacher to like them: the child-teacher relationship is such a special one for your little one and on some level we all believe that if the teacher likes the parent, they’ll pay extra attention to the child… While this may be no more than our projected childhood issues (don’t tell me it’s just me!) there are a few key things you can bear in mind at the beginning of the year that will ensure you get off to a good start with your child’s teacher. I asked a few of my teacher friends to spill the beans about the things that really annoyed them, and here’s what they had to say…

What your child’s teacher wishes you knew

The first day of school is busy and emotional for everyone

This isn’t the right time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with the teacher, or to make your child’s preferences known in exhausting detail. Obviously if they have a severe allergy or a health condition you need to tell the teacher, but anything else that can wait for a quieter time should do just that.

Label everything

Your child’s stationery, their uniforms, their lunchboxes and most especially their favourite toys. Once that item hits the classroom floor, it’s anyone’s guess who it belongs to, so make it easier on everyone by labeling every item that comes to school (or you may never see it again).

Get the right supplies

Those stationery lists they give out at the beginning of the year are actually carefully thought out and planned… Making sure your child has everything they need for their various classes will make them – and their teacher – much happier.

Teachers have lives too

If you’re at a school function and it’s time to leave, don’t choose that moment to start an in-depth conversation about how your child is doing at school. Believe it or not, they have places to go and people to meet as well. Rather schedule a time during school hours that you can meet up and discuss things at leisure.

Edible gifts are best

Want to show your child’s teacher how much you appreciate them? Don’t buy a mug that says ‘World’s Greatest Teacher’ (please). Buy them something delicious to eat… Or flowers. But preferably something delicious to eat. It’s hard to ask for without sounding like a piggy, but it’s what they really want – trust us.

Do you have any insider teacher tips to add to these?

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