What is the normal age for crawling?

Everything you need to know about when you can expect your baby to start crawling, and when you should be concerned.

The developmental phase of crawling is an important milestone and it is normal for parents to wonder if their baby should be crawling by a certain age. We’ve rounded up all the information you need to help you understand how most babies develop and how you can support your baby when they take to their knees.
When does crawling begin?
Babies can start to crawl at any time between the ages of five months and a year. Late crawlers tend to be built a bit heavier and may need more time to develop the muscles to support their weight.
What is the average age for babies to crawl?
The average baby will start to crawl when they are between six and nine months old – but remember that there really isn’t an “average” baby, so if your baby starts crawling later it isn’t anything to worry about. Most babies will start showing interest in movement during this time and by the age of 10 months they will be fairly efficient crawlers.
Does crawling style matter?
Babies start to crawl in their own way. Some will use hands and knees, others may use their forearms and feet, others resemble crabs with a sideways crawl! Whether they move backwards, sideways or forwards – it all counts as movement and will encourage spatial awareness and muscle tone development.
When should I be concerned about my baby?
Research suggests that there is a link between early crawling and reading and math skills. However, late crawling is not a big concern. If your baby shows no signs of crawling by the age of eleven months, you should actively try to stimulate them or seek advice from your paediatrician.
How can I encourage my baby to crawl?
Babies need a lot of practice before they crawl. In order to gain the physical strength and muscle development necessary for crawling, they need ample amounts of playtime on their tummies. Toys and games that will encourage them to sit up or things that can roll just out of their reach will encourage them to become mobile.
The growth and development of every baby is unique and varies within certain time frames. Try not to worry too much about it and enjoy every stage of your baby’s development. Once they’re start crawling, they’ll forever be one step ahead of you! Do you have any tips to encourage babies to crawl?
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