Top baby picnic products to keep close at hand

Have you been raring to make the most of these beautiful autumn days and head out on a family picnic, but just can’t face the complications the kids pose?

Top baby picnic products to keep close at hand
Fear no longer! Here are some great products to make picnicking with babies and toddlers a real treat. 

1. Safety Harness and Reins
This is a great way to keep your energetic toddler in sight and still give them the feeling of independence. It is also suitable as a walking harness.

2. My Buddy Tag
A lost child is any parent’s worst nightmare. My BuddyTag is a useful and convenient new child-safety device that’s connected to a free App on your phone via Bluetooth. This device will help ease your anxiety when heading outdoors.

3. Travel Blanket
This foldable blanket is perfect for setting up a picnic area whether on the grass or on a beach. It is water resistant, durable and easy-to-clean and comes in a fabulous design.

4. Babaroo Carrier
Give your baby the ultimate ride with the upright Babaroo Carrier by Baby Sense. This carrier is easy to wear and gives you the added benefit of having your hands free.

5. Easy- Hold Sippy Cup
Make quenching your baby’s thirst easy and mess free with the Easy-Hold Sippy Cup by Brother Max.

6. Baby Wipes
These are a staple product for any mom, always come in handy and will keep your baby fresh and clean anywhere.

7. Carry Cot
This highly mobile carry cot is the ideal place for your baby to rest their little weary head during the day or night while you’re on the move. 

8. Snack Catcher
With a spill proof, click lock lid, this clever snack box lets your independent toddler feed themselves, and also stores extra snacks so they won’t get stale.

9. Nappy Bag
This snazzy satchel is perfect for storing all your essentials when you are on the go.

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