Top 10 natural ways to ease teething pain

Just as your baby starts to sleep through the night and sanity is restored to the household, odds are they’ll start waking up again at night. This usually coincides with teething pain around the age of five or six months. Some lucky babies (and parents!) aren’t bothered that much by teething, whereas others become very unsettled, clingy and have disturbed sleep. If teething is uncomfortable for your baby, here are ten natural ways to relieve the pain.

Top 10 natural ways to ease teething pain

Teething necklaces
Why not try an amber teething necklace for your baby? When worn around the neck, the gentle warming of the beads is said to release succinic acid into the skin, which helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the gums. Always be careful that the necklace is not too tight and that it cannot get caught on anything.  

Vanilla essence
You may be amazed how versatile ordinary vanilla essence can be. Vanilla has natural calming properties that help to soothe an upset tummy, often associated with teething. The pressure from rubbing the liquid on to the gums also provides relief.

Chewing toys
Chewing helps to ease itching and inflamed gums. Teething toys can be kept in the fridge, and provide cool relief to any inflammation. Another idea is to give your baby a cold wet facecloth to suck on, or a large frozen carrot. Big sticks of biltong can also help inflamed gums, and will keep your baby entertained for hours.

Ice lollies
Freeze milk, fruit puree or chamomile tea in ice lolly moulds . When your baby is in distress from teething, take out a lolly and let them suck on it – the cold will help to ease the inflammation of the gums.

Use a clean finger or a cold face cloth to press your baby’s swollen gums. This can temporarily provide relief.

Chamomilla, Belladonna and Pulsatilla are all homeopathic remedies that are commonly prescribed for teething symptoms .

Breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact may help to soothe irritable babies.

Cloves are known for their ability to relieve toothache. Clove oil is very potent, however, and should be diluted before using it on your baby. It can be diluted in a carrier oil such as olive oil (2 tablespoons olive oil mixed with 2 drops clove oil), and then rubbed on to the gums.

Flower remedies
Bach Flower Remedies help manage the emotional stress caused by teething. They can be applied on the tongue, the forehead, or behind the ears,. Just be sure to give your baby the child dose, which is much smaller than the recommended adult dosage.

Barrier creams
The excessive drool caused by teething can cause a red rash around the lips and chin. To prevent this, ensure your baby always wears a bib and apply a barrier cream to lubricate the skin. 

If it seems like your baby will never get over the discomfort of teething, remember that as with everything else in their life, this too will pass! Do you have any other natural suggestions to help with teething pain?

BabyGroup says…
This article has been checked by Dr Lauren Lee, GP. A member of the BabyGroup Medical Council.

“Teething is a physiological process that all babies need to go through, so try to support your baby through this time as gently as possible. If in doubt, rather speak to your GP or paediatrician.” Dr Lauren Lee.

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