How to princess-proof your play dough

Ensure that playtime is princess-worthy with this royal recipe.

We all know that princesses have noble needs. Consequently, her lady-in-waiting (aka mom) might require some creativity in order to transform peasant playthings to meet supreme standards.
To aid you in this honourable cause, I present to you: a royal recipe for princess-proof play dough.

1. Place these dry ingredients in a big pot: 500ml flour, 200ml salt, 30ml cream of tartar.
2. Next – the liquids: 500ml water, 30ml cooking oil.
3. Add a princess-approved shade of food colouring – perhaps pink or purple. However, some picky princesses might prefer blue (like her blood) or any other colour, so let the royal highness herself make this important political decision.
4. Stir over a high temperature until lumps form. Decrease the heat and stir until the moisture has disappeared. Cool slightly.
5. Add a dash of vanilla or caramel essence for that suiting smell of "sugar and spice and all things nice". Perhaps just ensure that your peckish princess understands it’s still inedible – stomach cramps could be so unstately.
6. Now for the spectacular supreme substance: Mix in a generous amount of glitter! Because nothing says ‘princess’ like a bit of bling.
7. Knead for 5 minutes. Ensure that the glitter is worked in well.
8. Dress the heroine in her royal robes of tutu and tiara, get the heart-shaped cookie cutters and put your pretty princess to play (while you rest your arms and scrub food colouring and glitter off your hands.)
Tell us - how did your princess like her sparkly surprise? 

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