5 reasons having twins is awesome

5 reasons having twins is awesome.

As a mom of two kids, two years apart, I don’t have any experience handling twins at home. However as a midwife I see twins on a regular basis and I must say they fascinate me. I often find myself thinking when my daughter is yelling because her toast is cut in squares instead of triangles – imagine there were two of her. Screaming at me. At the same time.
I recently spent a long weekend away with my large, breeding family and had a small taste of what it would be like to be a twin mommy. I found myself looking after my son and my nephew who are the same age, plus another toddler. Now I can’t begin to claim it is the same as having twins but it did give me a small idea of what it would be like.  
5 reasons having twins is awesome:
1. Two words: Photo opps: I can’t believe just how cute it is seeing two babies playing, eating and bathing together.

2. Constant play date: For my son, who hasn’t had that much interaction with babies the same age, it was fabulous. There was a built-in buddy at all times to laugh with and teach naughty tricks to.

3. All the better to eat with: I found that both babies ate so well all weekend as they had a dinner date each meal.

4. Close bond: The bond these two babies formed having each other close by, even for a few days, will reinforce their friendship for life.  

5. The ultimate excuse: At the end of the day I had a great excuse to collapse into bed exhausted. I had been dealing with double the trouble and had absolutely no guilt about putting my feet up!
I have to admit one long weekend does not equal raising twins by any stretch of the imagination. I am honestly amazed by the superwomen (and men) that do this on a daily basis. For all the exhaustion I see in the clinic I see even more love, amazement and joy these twin parents experience. It truly is a wonder. Double the time – double the love!

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