5 essentials for travelling with your baby

Setting off on a roadtrip with your baby? Here are a few tools that will make the ride a whole lot smoother… 

Whether it’s just a short trip to a friend’s house, or your first holiday as a family, travelling with your baby requires some organising. Here are some things that you’ll need before you can hit the road.

Car seat
No doubt this has been top of your list for quite some time – you need to have a car seat installed before you even go to the hospital to give birth! Experts agree that it is better to buy a new seat instead of a second-hand one, so that you can be sure it meets all the latest regulations.
There are three types of car seat: infant car seats, convertible car seats and booster seats. It’s a good idea to look for one that is right for your baby’s height and weight, and if you’ve had your car seat for a while, you may need to upgrade now that your baby is getting bigger. While you’re prepping the car, you might want to get car window blinds to protect your baby from the sun.

When you’re choosing a stroller, it’s essential to think about what you might need from it. Lightweight strollers are good for taking in and out of car boots and to travel with, bigger strollers have storage space to make shopping and running errands with your baby easier. If you’re going on a long-distance trip, will you take your stroller with you or hire one when you reach your destination?

Baby sling
Baby slings are the most versatile way of carrying your baby around when you’re on the move and need your hands. They are also the easiest way to travel with your baby, as they feel safe and protected while you’re moving through busy airports or on foreign streets. Obviously they are only useful when your baby is small enough not to give you backache! Once your baby gets bigger, it’s a good idea to use the stroller more regularly.

Change of clothes
Whether you’re out for the afternoon or away for two weeks, you’ll want to pack plenty of clothes to change your baby into. The one thing you can never be sure of with a baby is what kind of mess they may find themselves in – food, changing nappies or spit-up can all require a change of clothing. Make sure you’re not caught out!

Emergency bag
It’s a good idea to pack an out-and-about bag with all the things you’ll need for trips away from home, and keep it stocked and ready to go. It should have a first aid kit, extra dummies, something to snack on, plenty of nappies and wipes, and some of your baby’s favourite books or toys. You may have all this in your regular nappy bag that you pack and unpack, but it’s helpful to have a separate bag that you can grab on your way out of the house.

It can feel like you have to take the whole house with you when you go out with your baby. Small people have a lot of needs! But you can make life a lot easier if you’re organised and have all the right equipment to suit your needs. What would you never travel without?
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