20 Realities of Parenting

Being a parent is probably the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do in your life, but it’s also the hardest. Here’s why.

20 Realities of ParentingPoop is the number one conversation topic during your child’s first year of lifeWhen you’re expecting, everyone tells you that being a parent is rewarding and sure it is, but quite honestly, that’s the sugar-coated version.
During my first pregnancy, some people used to refer to things like ‘sleepless nights’ and ‘no social life’, but not having any first-hand experience, I shrugged it off and thought – how hard could it really be?
Little did I know!
Here are some of the realities of parenting which I have had to come to terms with:
  • No Baby on earth is cute at 2am, except yours of course…
  • Wet wipes are part of your outfit – do not, I repeat, do not leave home without them
  • Never make eye contact with a child who is on the verge of dosing off
  • Screaming for no reason whatsoever is just part of your life now (this applies to you and your children)
  • It’s illegal to drive while texting, but it’s totally legal to drive with a screaming toddler on your backseat
  • Cleaning vomit and poop nappies are a reality. Own it!
  • Once your child is fully potty-trained and no longer needs your assistance, somebody deserves a medal
  • Putting a toddler to bed can take anything between 1 minute and two hours
  • Google is your friend when it comes to your child’s homework, but not their medical condition
  • The terrible twos are real! Trust me
  • The day your child is able to get up on a Saturday morning, make his/her own cereal and watch the television will be a day of great celebration all round
  • If you want your child to eat something, just pretend it’s your own meal first and before you even take that first bite, they will ask you for some
  • Children are naturally attracted to things that are out of bounds: staircases, electric outlets, doors and ovens. They are wired that way
  • Going to the toilet alone is a real privilege
  • The more toys you have laid out on the floor, the more your child will be attracted to remote controls, tablets, cell phones and your purse
  • Getting your child to brush his/her teeth will require some serious negotiation skills
  • Playing pretend is way more mentally strenuous than you think
  • Messing is learning – keep telling yourself this
  • No matter what a child does or how naughty/rude/wrong they are, a parent will still want to hug them and make it all better
Do you have any parenting realities to share?

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