10 uses for muslin blankets

Muslin blankets are one of my favourite baby items because they can be used in many different ways. Here’s a list of 10 ways muslin blankets can be used on a regular basis.

Muslin blankets are one baby item you can never have too many of. If you’re an expectant Mom make sure you add them to your baby registry – you’ll soon discover there are so many different ways to use them!
1. Blanket. This is a pretty obvious one but muslin blankets make great blankets. They are nice and thin, which is perfect in the summer – you can cover up baby without worrying whether or not he’ll get too hot. They are also nice and big so you can use them as baby grows.

2. Sun shield. There is nothing worse than turning the corner and getting blinded by the sun. Muslin blankets are ideal sun shields while in the car or a pram cover during walks outdoors.

3. Swaddle. My third child would only sleep if he was swaddled. Muslin blankets are perfect because they are so big – we were able to wrap him tight so he couldn’t wriggle out of it while he slept.

4. Breastfeeding cover. Breastfeeding while you are out can be a bit tricky but muslin blankets make an ideal cover. I would tie two blankets together and pop it over my head to make a handy cover – and the light, breathable fabric means baby hardly knows it’s there.

5. Changing mat. Babies never poop when it’s convenient. My son Jack will always need a nappy change when we’re out in the middle of nowhere with no baby changing facilities in sight. A muslin blanket on the back seat of the car or even on the grass makes a great makeshift changing mat.

6. Safety blankie. Babies like to snuggle up with something familiar and what’s more familiar than the soft blanket they have used since the day they were born.

7. Trolley cover. When out shopping with baby, the trolley isn’t always the cleanest place. Simply pop a muslin blanket over the seat and you have a soft, clean place for baby to sit while you do your shopping.

8. Burp cloth. Little babies always seem to be spitting up and I always seem to be wiping it off my top, my baby’s face, or anywhere else it has landed. Having a muslin blanket on hand is great to use as a burp cloth.

9. Tents and imaginary play. My kids – even the older ones – love building a blanket fort in the lounge. Muslin blankets also make great capes – Jack loves pretending he is Batman or whatever other super hero he is currently obsessed with.

10. Picnic blanket. We had Emma’s first birthday in the park and used our blankets for guests to sit on. It looked so lovely seeing all the brightly coloured blankets spread out over the park.
Have I missed anything? What ingenious uses have you discovered for muslin blankets?

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