10 Things your toddler will teach you

From bestowing upon you virtues like patience and determination to inspiring handy ‘escapes’ like a sense of humour and being able to dance to your own tune, toddlers sure are good teachers. 

Toddlers are crazy little beings. They are busy discovering the world and everything is equal parts exciting and confusing to them. While it’s no doubt the time where they learn the most about life, they are also busy teaching us - their parents - a few important things.
These are the golden lessons my toddlers have taught me over the years:

  • Patience. Toddlers will test you to the extreme… but you will very quickly discover you had more patience than you ever thought possible.
  • To stop and enjoy the moment. Sometimes your toddler just wants you to sit and watch Paw Patrol with them and sometimes you need to stop and do just that. Just sit and laugh when the characters do completely ridiculous things, even when they make no sense.
  • How to shove 6 fish fingers in your mouth. Maybe not the best life lesson, but when you tell your toddler they can have a treat if they finish their food, they will shove everything on their plate into their mouth. I do believe it is a skill.
  • Determination. There is nothing more determined than a toddler who WILL dress, feed or out a game themselves. Even if you offer to help or tell them it is too hard for them to do alone, they will soldier on and figure it out.
  • Laugh at everything. Toddlers love to laugh and while you are so busy rushing around they are not, they see things everywhere that tickle their funny bone.  
  • Dance to your own music. My youngest daughter, in particular, dances to the beat of her own drum, she always has. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she will wear her winter boots to school with her swimming costume… don’t even dare tell her it’s not really appropriate!
  • To explore and question. The entire world is new and exciting to a toddler and they love exploring. Just take your toddler and walk around your garden - you will never look at it the same way again. They will explore and question everything they see and, as a result, you will see your garden as more than just a something you have to remember to keep watering.
  •  It doesn’t have to be perfect. Your child doesn’t expect perfection from you. We all want the best for our children but sometimes things don’t work out and you can’t afford the big Lego set. But it’s ok. Wrap up what you can afford and your child will be over the moon. Toddlers don’t know how to want more yet.
  • Forgiveness. As parents we mess up a lot of the time. We shout when we shouldn’t, we forget dress up day, we burn the dinner but your toddler will forgive for every little oversight and transgression.  
  • To be silly. Toddlers don’t take life seriously at all. They laugh at farts and make funny faces just for the sake of making funny faces. Adults aren’t silly enough. So, when your toddler is silly, stop and be silly with them.
Your little toddler is your best teacher! Take a few minutes to learn these life lessons and more from them, your life will be richer for it.

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