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The perfect toddler Christmas stocking

Sarah Laird
If you’re wondering what to put in your toddler’s Christmas stocking this year, wonder no more! Here’s a round-up of all the best goodies.

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Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. There is something so special about the build-up: the shops have filled with Christmas trees, and soon carols will be playing and mince pies will be filling the shelves. I’ve already taken out our Christmas box and am waiting anxiously for 25th November to go Christmas crazy (any more than a month before and people think you’re a little nuts).

Christmas 2013 was one of my favourites. Bella was just old enough to start understanding the hype. We had a big tree, covered the house in tinsel and played Christmas music in the car for a month. We painted our own decorations and I filled the advent calendar my Mom used to put up for me, with a present-a-day for my daughter. We made pancakes on Christmas morning while opening presents, and then ate ridiculous amounts of good food with family and friends. Bliss!

With about a month to go, I’ve started making my Christmas lists. One of my most treasured parts of this holiday is filling the stockings. Every year I hang up at least six, mostly for Bella and a few for other family members. It’s such fun filling them as the days go by, seeing my little girl’s face when she notices her stocking is a little heavier and she stands below it wondering what could be inside.

For me, the perfect toddler stocking needs to cater to all of their senses. Something to touch (try the cuddly Bashful Bunny Soother), something to listen to (like Singalong Kidz), something to taste (their favourite treat or maybe cookie cutters and a box of biscuit mix), something to smell (bubble bath, a nice soothing massage-oil for bedtime or some homemade ginger biscuits) and obviously something to give them that sparkle in their eye. I also like to include a book, like My First Colours, as there’s nothing better than having a new read over the holidays.


Once I’ve got the big stocking fillers, I like to look for little surprises that cater to Bella’s current favourites. This year those will be Princess stickers, hair accessories and a new outfit for her Barbie. As we open stockings on Christmas Eve, a nice tradition is to give your little one a new pair of pyjamas to wake up in on Christmas morning. Finally, I also like to give a little ‘teaser’, something that alludes to her big present, the one from Father Christmas that she only gets to open on Christmas morning. Word on the street is that the Man in Red is giving Bella her first bicycle this year, so I may pop in a bell, flag or streamers for it, and she won’t know what it’s for until she gets her big surprise…

Hope you have as much fun as I do when filling your little one’s stockings this year. Let me know what surprises you have in store for them!

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