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2 years 4 months old

Katie de Klee
Your toddler's development, what changes to expect and some great tips for the month ahead.
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What’s happening now:
  • Your toddler has better balance.
  • Starting to recognise the alphabet.
  • Learning to control emotions.
  • Finding ways to play in every kind of weather.
How your toddler is developing:
Your toddler is good with their hands now – they can control a pencil on a page, stack up toys, take off clothes and shoes, and put objects inside others. They are also getting better on their feet and will be able to jump up and forwards and perhaps balance on just one foot or hop.

This physical control is slowly accompanied by more emotional control. Your toddler will get better at articulating their needs and wants and this can help them control their actions and anger better. Be responsive – when your toddler asks for something instead of grabbing it, praise the verbal communication and good manners. If the answer to their request is no, then clearly explain why it’s not possible.

Tips for you this month:
Try to always make play time as active as possible. It’s a good idea to make different weather fun: when it rains, put on wellies and splash in puddles. If the weather is too bad to go outside, play hide and seek inside or build a camp together out of cushions and rugs. No matter what the weather, you can play music and dance together. It’s easy to get stuck in the same methods of play when you’re tired or your head is elsewhere, but thinking up new games will keep both you and your toddler engaged.
This month’s To Do list:
  • Take a look at your toddler’s outdoor wardrobe: hats, wellies, etc. Our Clothing Checklist can help.
  • Sit down and join in your toddler’s play – this can encourage them to share.
  • Put up a small tent inside your house for fun. You can use it to play in and it gets your toddler familiar with the idea of camping, for when you feel brave enough to attempt the great outdoors!
If you have 5 minutes… Mom’s top tip.
If your child is being fussy with vegetables, get them involved in the kitchen. If your toddler plays a part in getting the vegetables clean and on the plate, they may take pride in their actions and want to eat them. You can also give them small physical tasks like peeling bananas, washing strawberries and pouring water to get them used to being helpful.

Curious about next month? 
Click here to find out what happens next month… And the month after.

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