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1 year 9 month old

Katie de Klee
Your toddler's development, what changes to expect and some great tips for the month ahead.
In this article we will look at:
  • What's happening now
  • How your toddler is developing
  • Tips for this month
  • This month's to do list
  • If you have 5 minutes...
  • Moms top tip
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What's happening now:
  • Learning to share.
  • Your toddler can name pictures in a book.
  • Able to wash and dry hands.
  • Showing signs they are ready for potty training.
  • Offering multiple choices.
How your toddler is developing:
Another month of exciting developments for your toddler – and for you! Although your toddler has probably been getting upstairs for a while now, this month they’ll be able to start getting back down, as long as there is something to hold on to.

Your child may be nearly ready for potty training. Keep an eye out to see if they are aware of needing to go to the loo – if they crouch or grunt when they have bowel movements or show embarrassment of any kind, then they understand what they are doing. Even better, they might tell you when they’re peeing. Find out how to potty train (and when), and take a look at these five reasons why your child doesn’t want to potty train, if they aren’t showing any signs of being ready to give up the nappy. Encouraging your child to wash their hands often can help keep common illnesses at bay. Wash hands before meals and after using the loo, maybe with a soap that smells nice so that they enjoy washing their hands.

Tips for you this month:
Offering your child choices in the day can make them feel more in control of their life and make them more likely to do what you need them to do. Offering a choice of sliced up fruit or carrot sticks and dip for a snack doesn’t open up the possibility of biscuits or treats, for example. It’s import to avoid yes/no questions where possible, as toddlers are likely to always choose the “no” option.
You can encourage your child to learn how to share by asking them if you can play with a toy they are playing with. Offer praise when the toy is handed over, but never force it or snatch the toy, or your child will start doing the same. Keeping to routines is always a good idea: if your child knows what to expect they will often put up less resistance.

This month’s To Do list:
 Play a ball game with your toddler.
Buy some fun underwear for your child, to encourage them to switch from the nappy.
Have you been keeping up with your fitness? Try to go to an exercise class or for a walk this week.

If you have 5 minutes… Mom’s top tip.
Give your toddler the emotional space to act how they want to. If they are feeling clingy, let them be; if they want to go off and do their own thing, that’s okay too. Follow their lead as they adjust to their newfound independence.

Curious about next month? 
Click here to find out what happens next month… And the month after.

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