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1 year 4 months old

Katie de Klee
Your toddler's development, what changes to expect and some great tips for the month ahead.
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What’s happening now:
  • Becoming a fussy eater.
  • Fears are surfacing.
  • Finding the right bedtime routine.
  • More separation anxiety.
  • Your child is becoming more independent.
How your toddler is developing:
If you’ve been lucky so far, your toddler may have eaten anything you served up and enjoyed it. But as they grow older, toddlers can become fussy eaters and reject food they used to like. This is another way for your toddler to express their individuality and it can be frustrating for you. If your toddler is refusing everything you offer, try not to worry – they won’t starve. Young children are more in tune with their appetites than adults are. They will eat until they are full and will let you know if they are hungry. It just might not be at meal times! Trying to establish healthy eating habits might help your toddler’s appetite become more in tune with regular meal times.

Babies are sometimes cautious and wary of strangers, but toddlers can be fearful. Loud noises, unfamiliar objects, sudden movements, toys in the bath… it is hard to predict what your toddler will associate with fear. Offer comfort and reassurance and try to get to the root of what is making your toddler feel scared.

Tips for you this month:
Keep your toddler company when they eat so they understand that meal times are when you sit down and eat. Sit with them at the table if you can, and make the end of the meal a clear moment when you both get up and clear the plates. This will encourage good behaviour later on.

Having a set bedtime routine is important too. Doing the same things in the same order can help settle your child and prepare them for sleep. So whether it’s bath, brush teeth, story, kiss, or some other routine, make sure it follows the same pattern every night. Remember, too, that separation anxiety is still common in toddlers until about 18 months. If you’re going out for the evening, it’s a good idea to get your babysitter to arrive well before you leave so that there is enough adjustment time and it isn’t a traumatic parting for your child (or for you!)

This month’s To Do list:
  • Do some finger painting with your child.
  • Buy a mat you can put underneath your toddler’s high chair to catch all the food that is flying around.
  • Get your toddler to start trying to brush their own teeth. 
If you have 5 minutes…
Mom’s top tip.
If your toddler is drinking too much milk or juice at meal times, they will fill up their tummies and have less of an appetite. Limit fluid intake at meal times, unless it’s water.

Curious about next month? 
Click here to find out what happens next month… And the month after.

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