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9 to 10 months old

Katie de Klee
How your baby will grow and develop, some great tips and what to expect from the month ahead.
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What’s happening now:
  • Your baby might start to stand using furniture as support.
  • Crawling at speed!
  • Your baby understands simple commands.
  • Sitting without support.
  • The early stages of discipline.
How your baby is developing:
Your baby has come so far from the little bundle you brought home all those months ago! They have now been out of the womb as long as they were in it. Your baby is most probably mobile and noisy, and quite a handful. Some babies figure out how to crawl up stairs, others how to crawl using just knees and one hand so they can carry a toy with the other. By nine months, your baby will be trying to pull themselves up to a standing position and may move around using furniture as support.

Your baby is also getting better at understanding your words. You can give your baby simple commands and they may respond, try things like “give mommy the fork”. Your baby is probably very sociable at this stage, giving lots of smiles and making talking noises. Now is a good time to join a playgroup – you might also meet some parents you like who are going through the same things as you are.

Remember that it’s very common for babies to develop nappy rash if their skin is in contact with urine or faeces. There are five main causes of nappy rash, and it is easily dealt with once you recognise the symptoms.

Tips for you this month:
If your baby is up on their feet, you can encourage them to try walking by guiding them around by the hands and supporting them. Give plenty of encouragement so your baby knows they are doing well.
Now is the time to introduce some discipline when necessary: your baby is starting to understand “no”. You can use it to set boundaries when your baby is about to do something that would cause trouble.

When your toddler joins a playgroup or a nursery, they will most probably catch lots of coughs, colds and sniffles. This builds up their natural immune system and isn’t anything to worry about. Temperatures and mild fevers can be treated at home with a liquid paracetemol (make sure you use one suitable for your baby’s age) but if the symptoms become severe, speak to your doctor.
This month’s To Do list:
  • Find out where your nearest playgroup is.
  • Arrange your baby’s ten month immunisations.
  • Have a look at some baby shoes. It’s a good idea to choose shoes made from material, as they fit for longer
  • Take some time out to pamper yourself – you’re doing such a good job!
If you have 5 minutes…
Mom’s top tip.
Use bath time as a time to improve your baby’s vocabulary – ears, shoulders, tummy, toes....

Curious about next month? 
Click here to find out what happens next month… And the month after.

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