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7 to 8 months old

Katie de Klee
How your baby will grow and develop, some great tips and what to expect from the month ahead.

In this article we will look at:

  • What's happening now
  • How your abby is developing
  • Tips for you this month
  • This Month's To Do list
  • If you have 5 minutes...
  • Mom's top tip


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What’s happening now:
  • Your baby will be joining in at feeding time.
  • Anything they can reach will become a toy. Be on the lookout!
  • Baby teeth are appearing.
  • Your baby may copy your moods.
  • You may be feeling pulled in a number of directions.
How your baby is developing:
Your baby is trying to help out at meal times and will reach out to grab the spoon. This can result in rather messy mealtimes. They will also reach out to grab anything they can to play with, so you might need to do a bit of a tidy up before your baby enters a room, and avoid wearing attractive necklaces. The first two teeth your baby will grow are the bottom middle two. You should brush them gently with a soft brush and water (children this age don’t need toothpaste). Teething can be really uncomfortable for your baby – the gums may be inflamed and they will probably drool a lot and seem distressed.

As your baby starts to learn how to crawl, most movements will happen on their belly as they wriggle around the room. If your baby manages to get up on their hands and knees, they may rock forwards and backwards. This is all preparation for crawling. Babies love to copy their parents. This can be useful when you are trying to feed your baby new foods as they will want to try whatever you are eating. It may be less useful when you’re having a bad day and your baby mimics your mood, so be on the alert for your own private mood-meter!

Tips for you this month:
As much as possible, don’t be too anxious about protecting your baby from germs or other people’s pets. Some contact with germs can help their immune system develop. If the weather is hot, make sure you keep your baby protected from the sun with a sun hat and sunscreen. If you notice a bumpy red rash, your baby might have heat rash and you’ll need to cool them down. If the weather is already cool, remember that babies need one extra layer to feel warm enough. Fresh air is still a good idea, as long as it’s not freezing and wet.

If you are back at work, it can feel like the office and the baby are taking up all your time and emotional space. This is perfectly natural – all new Moms go through it. It can help to be extra-organised when making food – you can make batches of baby food and freeze it to save time in the evenings. Spending this time with your partner and your baby can make for special family time. Remember that it’s quality time you’re after, so try to put down 

This month’s To Do list:
  • Make some homemade food and freeze it for later.
  • Take lots of photos of your baby in this adorable phase.
  • Buy a good baby chair for meal times.
  • Make an appointment with your paediatrician for your baby’s eight month check-up.
If you have 5 minutes…
Mom’s top tip.
If you’re making homemade baby food from mashed up or pureed fruit or vegetables, do not add sugar or salt – in fact, the longer you can keep your baby off these additions, the better.

Curious about next month? 
Click here to find out what happens next month… And the month after.

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BabyGroup says…
This article has been checked by Dr Claudia Gray, Paediatrician. A member of the BabyGroup Medical Council.

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