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34 weeks pregnant

Katie de Klee
All you need to know at this pregnancy stage, what changes to expect, and some great tips for the week ahead.
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5 things to look forward to at 34 weeks pregnant:
  1. Your baby’s unique footprint has developed.
  2. Blurry vision.
  3. Swollen ankles and feet.
  4. Tingling or numbness in your hips and pelvic area.
  5. It might (finally) be easier to breathe.
How your life will change this week:
As your baby moves into a downward facing position, you might find that you have a little bit of space back for your lungs to fill, making it easier for you to catch your breath. Remember that some babies don’t position themselves until right before birth, so unfortunately there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to breathe deeper.

Pregnancy hormones can affect your vision at this late stage of your pregnancy. Fluid build up and lack of sleep can also make your vision blurry. If you wear contact lenses, they might feel more itchy or irritating than usual because your tear ducts are producing less tears than they normally do. Still on the subject of fluid, water retention may make your feet and ankles feel swollen. As much as possible, put your feet up to ease the swelling. Staying hydrated can also stop your body from retaining the fluid.

Some women feel tingly in their pelvic areas around this stage of their pregnancy – this is the joints loosening so that birth will be easier. If you start to feel any pain in your hips, mention it to your doctor. You’re nearly there, and you’re doing so well. Be sure to treat yourself in some way this week.

Your baby’s development this week:
Your baby is now about the size of a butternut, weighing around 2.2kg and measuring anywhere between 45 and 50cm from head to toe. The layers of fat your baby is building will help to regulate their heat when they are outside the warmth of your womb. The vernix (the fatty white coating that protects your baby’s skin) is thicker now. If your baby is a boy, then his testicles will start moving from his abdomen to the scrotum round about now. But if he is born and they are undescended, don’t worry – they normally descend within the first year. Your baby’s lungs are almost fully developed and the nervous system is well on the way. If you haven’t already been talking to your baby you should start now! Your baby’s hearing is fully developed and they can recognise sounds. 

This week’s To Do list:
  • Talk and sing to your baby.
  • Make sure you are eating plenty of fibre.
  • Write a letter to your baby and tell them how your pregnancy has been and what you are looking forward to most once they are born.
If you have 5 minutes… Pregnancy top tip.
Start singing your baby some songs or lullabies that you like. Your baby will recognise and respond to them, and may find them soothing after birth.

Curious about next week?  
Click here to find out what happens next week… And the week after.

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This article has been checked by Sister Pippa Hime, Midwife. A member of the BabyGroup Medical Council.

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