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28 weeks pregnant

Katie de Klee
All you need to know at this pregnancy stage, what changes to expect, and some great tips for the week ahead.
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5 things to look forward to at 28 weeks pregnant:
  1. Your baby’s development is nearly complete (don’t worry, there’s still a lot of growing that needs to happen in there!)
  2. Swollen hands, ankles and feet.
  3. Pain in your back and your legs.
  4. Weight gain (both you and your baby).
  5. You are officially in your third trimester!
How your life will change this week:
Your hands, feet and ankles may be feeling puffy or they may have been swollen for weeks – this is totally normal and only temporary (thank goodness). It happens as fluid builds up in your tissues because of an increase in your blood volume. It is made worse by your uterus pressing on the vein that carries blood from your lower limbs to your heart. If your calves and ankles have turned into cankles, don’t worry - you’ll see your ankles again once your baby is born. Do however contact your doctor if the swelling is present in the morning when you wake up and it’s accompanied by a headache.

As your baby starts to move into position with their head downwards, your uterus might press on your sciatic nerve – the nerve that runs through your lower back to your legs. This can cause shooting pains or tingling down your legs (known as sciatica). If you are experiencing this then try to rest, and hold thumbs your baby will move positions quickly!

Your baby’s development this week:
Your baby might weigh up to 1kg now, and they are almost ready for life in the world. Your baby is blinking their eyes and reacting to brighter light – getting ready to protect their eyes outside of the womb. Your baby is still practising breathing, hiccupping and sucking. Although their bones won’t harden completely until after birth, they are nearly fully developed. Each week they are forming a little more fat so their wrinkled skin starts to smooth out. In other words, your baby is getting very cute in there.

This week’s To Do list:
  • Count how many times your baby kicks in an hour.
  • Go on a date with your partner to celebrate making it to the third trimester. Wear something that makes you feel lovely.
  • Cook a few extra meals and freeze them for after your baby is born.
If you have 5 minutes… Pregnancy top tip.
Think about hiring a doula who will provide both you and your partner with support in labour andbeyond.

Curious about next week?  
Click here to find out what happens next week… And the week after.

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This article has been checked by Sister Pippa Hime, Midwife. A member of the BabyGroup Medical Council.

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