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15 weeks pregnant

Katie de Klee
All you need to know at this pregnancy stage, what changes to expect, and some great tips for the week ahead.
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5 things to look forward to at 15 weeks pregnant:
1.     Your baby wiggling fingers and toes.
2.     Inflammation in your gums.
3.     Indigestion.
4.     An increase in appetite and energy.
5.    Possibly finding out the sex of your baby.
How your life will change this week:
Your hormones are probably still playing havoc with your body at 15 weeks. Along with all the symptoms you’re used to by now, your gums may feel tender or become inflamed and your teeth are now more susceptible to plaque – don’t forget to floss! Your nose may also feel a bit stuffy and some women even suffer nosebleeds because of an increased volume of blood in the body.
You might find that you are hungrier now than in the early weeks of your pregnancy (thanks to the morning sickness subsiding), but be careful of eating too much too fast as it can lead to heartburn or indigestion. Your aby is growing at a steady rate and you will notice you are gaining weight. That’s perfectly natural, and as long as you’re sticking to a generally healthy diet there’s nothing to worryabout.

If you go for an ultrasound scan this week, you could find out whether your baby is a boy or a girl – if they’re lying in a position that doesn’t hide their genitals, that is! Determining sex also depends on the clarity of the picture, so don’t be too disappointed if your gynae can’t reveal the secret this week.

Your baby’s development this week:
Your baby can now wiggle fingers and toes, kick their legs and bend their elbows, although the cushioning of the amniotic fluid will stop you from being aware of any of these internal gymnastics. Your baby is now about the size of an orange, and just over 9cm long from crown to rump. Their legs have grown longer than their arms, and their body 

This week’s To Do list:
  • Decide whether or not you want to know your baby’s sex.
  • Weigh yourself every week and record your weight so that you and your doctor can keep an eye on your weight gain.
  • Use your increased energy to get into a regular exercise routine. Just be sure you know when not to exercise.
If you have 5 minutes… Pregnancy top tip.
If your gums start bleeding a little, switch to a softer toothbrush. It’s important to brush and floss twice a day and brush your tongue to reduce bacteria in your mouth – especially during pregnancy.

Curious about next week? 
Click here to find out what happens next week… And the week after

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