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8 weeks pregnant

Katie de Klee
All you need to know at this pregnancy stage, what changes to expect, and some great tips for the week ahead.
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5 things to look forward to at 8 weeks pregnant:
1.     Brainwave activity in your baby – already!
2.     The ability to smell flowers a mile away from your heightened sense of smell.
3.     Developing a taste for ginger (to help morning sickness).
4.     Constipation: a great reminder to eat super-healthy.
5.     Interesting dreams…
How your life will change this week:
Morning sickness can start to feel a bit relentless at this stage, but remember that 12 weeks is the magic number for most women – just one more month to go. Fresh ginger in hot water or ginger biscuits help many pregnant women who feel queasy. Ask your friends and family members how they dealt with morning sickness – it can be a bonding experience to share your feelings with them. You are certainly not the only one who has felt like this… As much as possible, try to find food that doesn’t make you feel sick, and remember why you’re feeling like this: because you’re growing a baby. It’s all for a good cause, and even though you might be feeling ill, your baby is probably feeling pretty happy.

Your body will be changing shape by now, and your bras probably won’t fit as well as they used to. You may feel slight cramps as the ligaments and muscles in your lower abdomen stretch to house your uterus. Isn’t it amazing that your body knows exactly what it needs to do and when to provide the best space for your baby to grow? As pregnancy hormones increase, your metabolism will slow down and might cause bloating and constipation. Try to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fibre, and drink lots of water – we should all be eating like this, but pregnancy is a good reminder of how necessary it is!

You might also start noticing you’re having strange and vivid dreams… That’s one of the side-effects of pregnancy that will be around for the next few months, so you’ll have to get used to it. Perhaps start a dream journal to record them? Or use them as interesting dinner party stories…

Your baby’s development this week:
Your baby is starting to look more like a little human. The tadpole tail has gone and the little fingers and toes are less webbed. They will be making little wiggling movements inside your womb and their brain is now connecting up with nerves. Your baby’s face continues to form too – lips, nose and eyelids all becoming slightly more distinct. Your baby will be growing a millimetre every single day now, and is around 1.6cm long so far.

This week’s To Do list:
  • Make sure you have found a gynaecologist and had your first check-up.
  • Find clothes that are loose around your belly and still flattering.
  • Look up some delicious recipes that are packed with fibre.
If you have 5 minutes… Pregnancy top tip.
During the first trimester, visit the HR department at work (if you have one) and find out what your maternity leave is, how much of it is paid or unpaid, and when you have to submit any necessary forms.

Curious about next week?  
Click here to find out what happens next week… And the week after.

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