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10 things I forgot to put on my baby registry

Nicky Manson
Don’t forget these. Seriously don’t!

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Baby shopping for your registry can be an exciting time, but it’s also pretty overwhelming. Bestie by your side, you hit the shops with a long list (of which, half you’ve never even heard of), and the choices can seem endless.
Cloth nappy vs disposable? Dr Brown's vs Avent? Huggies vs Pampers.
Don’t worry! These choices will not harm your little one, but there are 10 things I recommend chucking in your basket – for baby and mom.
  •  Baby thermometer: You will be surprised and completely unprepared for how many times your little one will get a fever. It can be rather worrying and a digital thermometer is the best way to monitor it. Find a thermometer that suits your needs here.
  • Bath thermometer: I didn’t have one and I wish I had. Sometimes your hand or arm or foot are not adequate temperature gauges for your baby’s bath water and this is something you do not want to get wrong. Get your bath thermometer here.
  • Baby bath seat: A newborn will lie in one, slightly submerged in water, and an older baby can sit in one. Both leave your hands free to reach, wash, and tickle your babe. The method of holding baby crooked in your arm in the water is awkward, uncomfortable and super slippery, and this is why a baby bath seat is a must.
  • Jungle juice: A mix of Rehydrate, Vitamin C, Rescue remedy and juice – it’s the perfect combination to keep you hydrated, calm and full of energy for those late night feeds especially when you are probably not eating well.
  • Baby Sense books: I love baby sense books and they are the ideal companion for an emotional, worried mum. Sound like you? They really do make you feel at ease and make you realise that you are not alone!
  • Nipple cream: Because breast feeding can suck and that’s okay. Your nipples will never be the same, so look after them with lovely nipple cream.
  • Disposable net underwear: They look horrendous but who cares. They will hold the ultra large maxi pads in place, are soft on your wounds and can be thrown away. Do not underestimate the necessity of these pants.
  • Cotton wool: Seemingly innocuous, this bad boy is used for everything from cleaning the umbilical cord, cleaning the eyes, wiping the bum…anything and everything for a newborn baby.
  • The hooded towel: This clever contraption ensures baby is fabulously cosy, warm and dry even quicker. Find the perfect hooded towel here.
  • Nappy bin: A big one to put on the list. Your nappy bin will be emptied daily! Hygienic and hides the smell; worth every cent.
 Discover South Africa's premier baby registry for Moms here.
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