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Summer pregnancy hacks

Hayley Malan
A few tips to keep cool and as calm as possible during the warmer months of your pregnancy.

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Summer pregnancies can be tough: you are hot, bothered and really just want to give birth already – believe me, I’ve carried both my kids through the heart of summer!
It’s hard to keep cool, but if you are going to be carrying through the warm season, here are five hacks which can make your summer more pleasant:
1.    Keep healthy and go outdoors
It’s advisable to remain active and participate in low impact activity during pregnancy. Luckily, swimming is one of the best ways of doing this. Even if you don’t have a built-in pool at home, those little kiddie pools will do just fine to cool you down.
Walking is another low impact activity that is good for getting your blood circulating. Getting some fresh air will do you good, no matter how hot it is!
2.    Summer dresses
Maxi- and shift dresses work well for a bump and they are a great way of keeping you fresh and cool. There are always really cute summer maternity dresses in stores, but you may even be able make non-maternity dresses work for a while during your pregnancy.
3.    Stay hydrated
Most people, including your doctor, will tell you to make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and getting plenty rest.
Another way of getting your water quota in for the day, is by enjoying a juicy slice of watermelon. It’s full of summer goodness, which you need to keep you and your baby cool.
Cucumbers, as well as other types of melons also help with this!
4.    Cool your house down
As dreary as it may sound, closing the windows and blinds or curtains on warmer days is the best way to keep your house cool. When the sun goes down in the evening, open them again and feel the pleasant evening breeze move through the house.
5.    Invest in good cotton underwear
Pregnancy has some not-so-nice side effects – especially in summer – like sweating and odours in places you never even knew existed! Good cotton maternity underwear that allows for breathability and belly support can really make a difference and will help with keeping sweat and odour at bay.
Do you have any other summer pregnancy hacks to share? We would love to hear!
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