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The #1 check list for baby admin

Hayley Malan
Not the most organised person in the world? That’s okay! We’ve got some tips to help you make the most important check list of your life.

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Nobody really tells you this – but having a baby comes with a lot of admin.  You already have more than enough to worry about, so don’t let all the paper work get to you. Here is everything you need to check before and after baby arrives.

Checklist before baby is born:

  • Review Your Life Insurance Cover
If you have a Financial Advisor, now is the time to call him or her. You need to complete a new needs analysis which will consider your new addition to the family. The advisor will most likely recommend that you increase your life and disability cover.
  • Make sure you have a will
As hard as it may be to think or talk about, you have to consider what will happen to your child if you or your partner dies. Having a will in place is vital.
You need to consider:
  • who will take care of your child
  • what will happen to the household assets
  • who is appointed to distribute all your possessions?
A financial trust company, your bank or an attorney is able to provide this service. It can cost anything between R500 and R2000 to draw up a will.
  • Register for your medical aid’s baby program
Most medical aids have prenatal benefits which covers the cost of the medical services associated with your pregnancy. These usually cover your doctor’s visits, scans and the birth itself.
Some medical aids also include extra benefits like a baby bag, baby books as well as discount vouchers on baby items when registering on their programme.
  • Start getting your UIF paperwork in order
If you are going to claim from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) for the duration of your maternity leave, it’s best you start doing your homework and finding out how it all works. There are agencies out there who assist new Mom’s throughout this process, however there is still a lot of paperwork which you need to get ready for them to assist you. During your pregnancy, start by gathering all the necessary information:
  • Contact your HR department and find out about the maternity policy and UIF procedure
  • Shop around for UIF agencies and see how they are able to assist you
  • Make a checklist of all the requirements you need
Checklist after baby is born
  • Register Baby’s Birth
South African law specifies that you need to register your baby within the first 30 days after birth.
Many private hospitals offer an in-house service where you complete all the relevant forms and they do this registration process for you and you will be able to collect the birth certificate at the hospital.
If you need to do this yourself, register the birth at your nearest Department of Home Affairs. They will need your baby’s clinic card or hospital certificate as well the ID documents of both parents. You will then receive an unabridged birth certificate.
  • Medical Aid
Don’t forget to notify your medical aid so that your child can be included as a dependant on the scheme you’ve chosen. Also consider upgrading your medical aid to cover any additional healthcare costs which children usually tend to use a lot (ask me – I know). This can usually only be done during a certain period of the year, so make note of that time.
  • Submit UIF Paperwork
Make sure that your UIF forms and documentation have been submitted in order for you to realise the benefits owed you. I used an agency to submit the paperwork on my behalf and it really was a pleasure. I didn’t have to do a thing after I sent my documents to them. They sent me the dates and amounts of the payments I would receive and everything went very smoothly. 
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