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Newborn checklist

Bridget McNulty
All you need to know, what to do, to buy and to read to get yourself ready for the arrival of your new baby.

In this article we will look at:

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You’ve brought your beautiful newborn baby home… Now what? Here’s everything you need to know about what to do in the next three months (till your baby is officially no longer a newborn), what you need to buy, and all the relevant articles you’ll want to read. Although it might seem overwhelming now, we’re all in this together – you’ll be just fine.

To Do

  • Take good care of yourself – rest and eat well, and don’t be shy to ask for help while you recover from childbirth.
  • Check that your baby has been added to your medical aid.
  • Become a pro at changing nappies (you can’t avoid this one!)
  • Learn how to breastfeed.
  • Chat to your partner about putting aside some time in the day when you’re each “off-duty” so you can relax without worrying.
  • Find out how to make bath time fuss-free for you and your baby.
  • Figure out how to burp your baby like a pro.
  • Start looking for a nice nanny or babysitter, either for when you go back to work or for when you need a few hours off.
  • Find a babysitter you trust or a relative to look after your baby so you can go out for the evening with your partner.
  • Put together a bag of spare things you need when you go out with your baby – this saves you having to pack and re-pack the same bag.
  • Make sure your baby gets regular tummy time every day.
  • Make a list of what needs to be baby-proofed in your home.
  • Make sure you have everything you need for your baby’s nursery.
  • Put a mirror in your nursery so your baby can look at their reflection.
  • Have a look at slings for your baby – it may be a new favourite place to nap.
  • Decide if you are going to use a dummy.
  • Find a baby bottle with a teat that your baby likes.
  • Buy your baby a bib if they’re drooling a lot on their clothes (or yours!)
  • Book (and go to) your six-week appointments for check-ups and immunisations.
  • Take your baby for a walk around the block to get some fresh air and gentle exercise.
  • Keep doing your pelvic floor exercises.
  • Sign up to a gentle postnatal exercise class.
  • Do some lunges or sit ups in front of your baby – tone up and entertain all in one.
  • As much as possible, try to eat a balanced diet.
  • Book (and go to) your baby’s 10-week immunisations.
  • Trim your baby’s nails.
  • Arrange your baby’s 14-week immunisation appointment.

To Buy

  • A Moses basket: Gro Baby.
  • A Crib Linen Set (duvet cover and inner, pillow case and inner, crib bumpers, cell blankets, baby quilt): Nocturnal Affair, Tom and Bella.                                        
  • One cot (standard or king size).
  • One travel cot: Baby Bjorn does a really nice one.
  • One camp cot: Chelino.
  • One cot net.
  • Baby head positioner: Clevahead Support, Baby Sense.
  • One foam mattress.
  • One compactum/chest of drawers.
  • One night light: Giimmo and the Gro Company have nice ones.
  • One carrycot: Chelino.
  • Cell blankets.
  • Swaddling blankets.                               
  • A white noise machine.
  • A waterproof mattress pad.
  • A changing table.
  • One large nappy bag (waterproof and lined): take a look at our Nappies Buying Guide.
  • Nappy bins: Angelcare.
  • Nappy bin refills: Angelcare.
  • Two nappy buckets.
  • Nappy sterilising powder.
  • One sterilising unit.
  • Sterilising liquid (bottle/pack).
  • Sterilising surface spray.
  • Changing table/pad.
  • Changing mat (often comes with your nappy bag).
  • Thousands of nappies: we have found Pampers to be the best disposable option and Bambino Mio to be the best reusable option.
Bath time:
  • One baby bath: Karibu, Hoppop.
  • One bath support.
  • A bath thermometer: The Yellow Duck from Dream Baby is a fun one. 
  • A towelling bath helper (from birth).
  • One bath changing mat.
  • Two face cloths.
  • One brush and comb set. 
  • One health and grooming kit (including baby scissors, nasal spray, baby thermometer etc.).  
  • Baby powder: Dr Hauschka Body Silk Powder is a luxury option. 
  • Baby oil.
  • Baby jelly.
  • Baby shampoo: We love Pure Beginnings.
  • Baby wash: Pure Beginnings.
  • Baby aqueous cream: Oh-lief.
  • Baby conditioner.
  • Cotton buds.
  • Baby soap.
  • Gripe water: Colic Calm.
  • One dinky feeder/medicine dropper.
  • Baby fabric softener/detergent: Bambino Mio.
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