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Caring for your baby's genitals

Megan Woods
It sounds easy but there are special instructions involved.

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First things first, change your baby’s nappy regularly. This will prevent skin irritations and rashes.
Next, water is fine to clean a young baby. You do not need to use special soaps or washes.
If you are cleaning your child out of the bath, cotton wool and warm water are ideal.
For poo that won’t wash off, try a little squirt of baby oil on cotton wool. Works wonders.
When the child is a few months old, you can use wet wipes. The ones for sensitive skins are great as they are just a little more gentle on the skin.

Avoid using baby products made with soap and baby wipes containing alcohol or perfume. These can disturb the natural balance of your baby's skin.
Use a nourishing body lotion, bum cream and a good lashing of talcum powder on your child’s genitals and bum area to keep them dry and comfortable for longer.

For a little boy, wash or wipe around your baby's penis and scrotum to clean away soiling.

While your son is a baby, the head of his penis will self-clean to some extent. Don't try to pull back his foreskin to clean as you won't be able to slide it back.

If your baby has been circumcised, you can keep his penis clean as a part of his normal bathing.
For a little girl, always wipe the area from front to back. Wipe the cotton wool or wet wipes away from your baby's vagina and urethra (the opening through which she does a wee).

If your baby has a very dirty nappy and poo has got inside the vagina, gently use cotton wool to wipe and clean inside.

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