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Last-minute gift ideas for Moms and little ones

Rebecca Maughan-Brown
Haven’t quite got around to braving the Christmas madness just yet? Here are some last minute gift ideas that the Moms – and babies – in your life are sure to love.

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2014 was a boom year for new babies among my group of friends, and I also joined the ranks of Mommyhood in March. It is great to have a cohort of friends to celebrate the milestones (smiling! waving! talking! walking!), vent about the frustrations (another blowout nappy?! more teeth?! yet another sleepless night?!) and learn from. It also means my shopping list is extra long this year. Here are a couple of the tricks up my sleeve for great, easy gifts for all the Moms and babies in your life.

Who doesn’t love a little spa treat? Make a plan to leave the babies with your partners or a family member and take your friend out for a mani/pedi. Book so that you can be in seats next to each other, grab a fancy coffee drink on your way in, and spend an hour or two catching up and being pampered. It’s a win for both of you! 
Remember gifting your parents vouchers for a car wash or a clean room as a kid? It’s time to update that idea. Give your friend a voucher for a night of babysitting so she can have a date night with her partner. Finish it off by wrapping up a copy of “Eat Out” magazine so she can choose a fun new restaurant to try. This gift is especially good for friends who don’t have family support in the area. How delighted will she be to have some adult time with the knowledge that her sweet little pumpkin is safely at home with you?
Tupperware! Hear me out... I love a useful gift. Where are you going to put that half a banana you didn’t mash up for breakfast? Meeting friends for a quick cuppa during baby’s lunchtime? Just pop their lunch into a little Tupperware container and use a larger one for the bib and spoon. And when the meal is done, they can hold and play with them without any fear of breakage. Go for ones with screw tops or strong clasping lids to avoid spills. Bonus points if you can find them in fun colours or with kid-friendly patterns.
Books are always a winner. For tiny ones, pick books with textures they can feel, flaps they can lift, or pictures of other babies. For the older kids, easy reading books with great illustrations will keep them interested. Fuel the love of reading from early on!
Music is another great, easy gift. My daughter settles right down to the sound of classical music. Make your own mix CD for the little people in your life, or buy a CD of lullabies or sing-along songs. There’s also a great line called “Rockabye Baby!” that makes lullaby renditions of rock music. I might have played lullaby-Bon Jovi to my daughter when she was in utero…
Remember that you’re the expert in this shopping adventure. Think about the best thing you or babycakes has been given and pay it forward, or give your friend the gift you’ve been dying for. Great gifts are about the thought behind them, not the price tag on them. Happy gifting!
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